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Realtor Information

Crystal Beach is a unique community along the shores of Canandaigua Lake Рoffering a true walkable neighborhood of residential  historic cottages and new lakefront construction, plus several residents-only parks and waterfront access rarely found anywhere else in the Finger Lakes, this area will only continue to become more attractive to potential homebuyers.

As a real estate agent, the accuracy of the information you can provide your clients about Crystal Beach’s parks and waterfront can be crucial to closing a sale. The CBBA has created a reference sheet of realtor information that will help you list, describe, show, and sell homes in the Crystal Beach area, and hopefully answer any additional questions your clients may have about our unique residential community.

Click here to download the CBBA’s realtor reference information sheet.¬†

If there are any additional questions we can answer, or information that you think should be included in future updates of this reference sheet, please contact us directly. Thank you for your feedback!